Store Fully Stocked!

We fully restocked the store this afternoon.
It took us many hours of work since we had to bring in crates and crates of items and set them up but we’re really happy with how it turned out.

Some items in particular:

  1. Sunkist California Dream Plaque (Really rare, really pretty, vintage item)
  2. Replogle Moon Globe (Rare item, Shows lunar landing sites)
  3. Patent Prints (Railroad Air Brake, Self-Inflating Life Jacket double sided)
  4. Explosion Proof Desk Lamps
  5. Walnut, Mahogany Clipboards

Even more items are on their way.  We got:

  1. Some pieces that are re-purposed (ex. 3 tier bath shelf)
  2. Chandeliers (ex. drift wood whale, log chandelier, meat hook chandelier with reclaimed wood)
  3. Rustic Items (ex. cute animal coasters)
  4. Prints and Artwork (more on the way, we ran out of frames)

Here are some photos of the store after we were done with it today:

photo 1aphoto 4aphoto 3photo 5aphoto 1


We’ve been hard at work ~ New Stuff Coming!

If you’ve stopped by our store over at Paris on Ponce you probably noticed our shelves are pretty bare.  We’ve been hard at work putting together a new collection of items for our store.  We’ve got lamps, art, decorative items, industrial prints, stools, chairs, office items, coasters and more on the way!

Here’s a picture of a small sampling of the items.  We’ll be adding everything in the next week or so so go visit our main booth at Paris on Ponce!

photo 2aphoto 3aphoto 4photophoto 4a




Big furniture pieces on the way!

Great news!  We’ve been working really hard behind the scenes.  We’ve been designing some larger furniture pieces that we hope to have ready in the next few weeks.  Some are made with reclaimed materials.  Some are custom designed pieces.

We’re making tables, coffee tables, shelves, cabinets, chandeliers, lighting, all sorts of things for the home and office.

Here’s a picture of one of our workshops.  Pictured are reclaimed, wormy, live edge pecan coffee tables/bar tables.  They’ll be absolutely stunning when they’re done.


Drawings of some of the big pieces we’re working on.  We strive for unique, rustic, yet modern and stylish.  It’s going to be awesome to see some of these come to life!  We hope you like them too!



New Shabby Chic Creations

We like to use all sorts of raw materials for our creations.  You just never know what you can turn something into.  Old stuff with patina just has a look that’s so unique that it makes it more interesting than something new.  We just finished some pieces that use shabby vintage items.  We turned them into something cool and modern.  Here’s a few:

Large Enamel Cup Hanging Planter
(Also available in white)


Silver plated Circular Tray with Wood Slab


Shoe Form Bookends (1960s)


To purchase these items or look at our other items go to our website:

What is Twig & Timber?

Just because our name is Twig & Timber doesn’t mean we just work with wood.  It means nostalgia.. creation.. and discovery.  It means using your imagination to see timber from a twig.

What kinds of things does Twig & Timber offer?

  • Things we find interesting because of its history, its shape, its color, etc.
  • Things we create from scratch from raw materials like wood, glass, and metal.
  • Things that we create from things we find interesting.

This states it best: We use our imagination and repurpose things we find to create the beautiful and interesting.

Here are a few of our favorites:



Domestic Bath Towel Shelf/Rack

This is a cast iron side of a old sewing machine from a company called Domestic (1870 – 1930).

When we found it it was rusting and we really weren’t sure what to do with it.  Mirror?  Table?  We eventually came up with the idea to turn it into a combo shelf/towel rack.  We love how it turned out!






Vintage Japanese Bird Cage Floor Lamp with Stand

This bird cage was made in occupied Japan (1945 – 1952).  When we found it the bottom had mostly rusted off, we had to really dig to find the knobs, and the stand was missing.

We sandblasted it, replaced the bottom with plexiglass, painted it, wired it for lighting with Edison bulbs, and found a stand from the same era.  We painted it a grayish white to make it match.




1949 Chicago Coin “Football” Pinball Machine

This pinball machine is old.  One of these is the oldest working pinball machine at the Pinball Hall of Fame.  Not many of these exist.

When we found it the mechanics were toast but you could see the thousands of man hours that were needed to put it together.

We wrapped it in mahogany, fixed everything in place, and made it wall mountable.  We just love the graphics and look of it!  Very unique!


Paris on Ponce store is set up!

Mad rush to get everything done and set up before the weekend but we managed to get everything in place and opened the store this past Friday!  Special thanks to Jenny C, Theresia C, Vivian L, Luke H, and Edmund F for all the help!

Here’s a pic of the setup:

photo 1 photo 2

Photo Studio done!

Photo studio ready to rock! Built a cedar table and took our first photo: Gazelle antlers mounted on live edged black walnut + Twig & Timber sign going into our Paris on Ponce store. Special thanks to Luke and Ramsez for their help putting it together.

Product photos coming soon. Can’t wait to show you some of our work!

photo 1 photo 2

Photo Studio in progress

What do you do when you have products but no photos? Empty your garage, hardwood the floor, paint the walls, and presto.. Photo studio!! Almost.. Still got some work to do..


Find us at Paris on Ponce May 1st! New stuff in the works

We’re opening a booth at Paris on Ponce ( on May 1st!  We are going to have some of our smaller items and decorative items in there.  Going to be great to be able to share our works with people in a more tactile way where they can see touch and feel it.  We’re going to get a larger space once they expand for our larger things like chandeliers, shelving, coffee tables, etc.  We’re really excited!  Check it out:

716 Ponce de Leon Place NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
OPEN Mon-Sat 11AM-6PM &
Sun Noon-6PM


We’re also working on some new things!  We got like 42 projects in the works.  We’ll be posting them to the blog/facebook/twitter so keep a look out.